Mechanical Work

The staff at Cutts & Case is qualified to handle a full range of Mechanical Work including:

Lighting · Wiring · Engine Plumbing · Shipboard Plumbing


Our expert paint and varnish crews are capable of renewing your finishes and keeping your finish work in “Bristol Fashion”. We hand brush all of the varnishes and enamel paints, while we “roll and tip” Awl Grip and other two part paints.


Cutts and Case, Inc. is well known for having extensive wood working abilities which consistantly produce a very high quality of work. Our basic philosophy is to work for the highest qualities in high strength to weight ratios, while maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing form. This often results in a classic sense of proportion, producing much visual appeal.


Correcting only the symptoms preserves the root problem, whereas fixing the root problem and any damage caused removes them both. We offer a broad range of work including wood and fiberglass hull and deck materials, and metal fabrication of needed fittings. We also repair or remanufacture existing items.


Aluminum · Bronze · Stainless Steel

Although Cutts & Case is known throughout the world for designing and producing high quality wooden boats, we also produce beautiful quality metal work in flat and round fabricated fittings. We often create a pattern of a required item, and then cast and polish it. This produces beautiful hand made fittings reminiscent of work found in the twenties and thirties.

Engine Work

Simple engine work is performed at our yard. In order to achieve the highest work quality based on a customers specific needs, we have established excellent working relationships with experts close to the yard who specialize in the repair or complete rebuilding of the following items which can be removed for delivery to a shop and replaced once the work is completed: Starter/Alternator, Engine components, Engines Transmissions.


The repair and maintenance of wooden spars is a specialty. Every year most of our spars (masts) are unstepped and carefully looked over in order to create detailed notes for winter maintenance and repairs. Spreaders are removed, inspected and put away until spring. All manor of rigging wire and rope work can be handled by any one of our numerous local rigging houses.


Our master craftsman excel in the area of structural redesign and repair. As a result of years of experience they have developed a vast knowledge base to work from which enables them to not only identify what has failed, but to rectify the problem as much as possible.

Haul Out Services

Our crane can haul up to eighteen thousand pounds. For larger boats weighing up to fifty thousand pounds, we use our railway system which accommodates most common configurations of a boat's bottom. All services can be supplied pertaining to a hauled vessel at that time.

Dockage & Winter Storage

Cutts & Case Shipyards offers only Annual Slip Rentals. We have some of the finest slips available anywhere. Finger piers on our south-facing slips are over 50 feet long.

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